Q3 2020 BRAD Award Winner: Kevin Kohlmeyer

As a Prodigy, one of the four values we all aim to keep at the heart of our work ethic is to “Be Different.” To a Prodigy, being different is bringing innovation to everything we do. It’s about not being afraid to try something new even though it might not work out. We would rather take the risk and fail than to have been too afraid to try in the first place. It’s about coming to the table with new ideas – big and small – out of the pure desire to see what might happen if we chance going off the beaten path. It’s about being willing to ask the question despite not knowing what the answer might be. 

Each quarter, the employees of Prodigy award one of their fellow peers with what we call a BRAD award. BRAD is an acronym for our four values: Be different, Row Together, Act Like Owners, and Do the Right Thing. Period. In Q3, the team was asked to nominate a peer who, over the course of the quarter, incorporated that “Be Different” way of thinking into their day to day. 

Kevin Kohlmeyer, our Director of Enterprise Solutions, was bestowed the great honor of winning our Q3 BRAD award for being different. Not only throughout Q3, but throughout his entire tenure with the company, Kevin has consistently pushed the envelope when it comes to being different. He is not afraid to hold the line when others start to feel that the risk is too great. He fearlessly dons whatever hat he needs to wear in order to get the job done, whether it be that of an account manager, sales person or accountant. 

In the words of a co-worker:

“When he encounters a roadblock (and he does often in his role) he is undeterred. He simply tries something different, gets creative and is fearless in his efforts to make things happen. Having Kevin at our company makes me more confident because I know he won’t let us settle.” 

Congratulations on the win Kevin! We sincerely appreciate all you do for our company and look forward to seeing all the success your willingness to be different brings.

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